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This is where I sit when I'm writing! I'm always outside ;-)
This is where I sit when I’m writing!

Thanks for visiting my site and wanting to know more about me.  There’s lots to tell, which is why I wrote a whole book about my life and all the lessons I’ve learned along the way! 🙂

In a nutshell, I’ve been on a spiritual journey for as far back as I can remember and I love my life more than most.  I feel blessed on even my worst days as I learn the lessons that life is serving up.  I often feel like no one has it better than I do, I’m blessed in so many ways.   I’m one of the most optimistic people you will likely meet as my cup is always overflowing.  Yes, even on my worst days.  Swear!

Pssst…I want to live up to the meaning of the name my parents gave me, which translates to Hope.  Could I have been given be a better name!

I am first and foremost a mother of five wonderful children who range in age from 12 to 29 years of age.  They are always at the center of my thoughts.  I have four daughters (Lord Jesus help me!) and one son.  My son has been by faaaaaar the easiest of my five children, which my daughters 100% agree with.  Parenting is my greatest honor and my greatest teacher.

I have definite plans to write a book called “The Secrets I Share With My Friends About Parenting” as I’ve had many requests for that one.  I consider myself a good parent who can always learn more.  I’m certainly experienced, that’s for sure!  I recently added up the ages of my children and I have more than 100 years of parenting experience under my belt, cumulatively of course, I’m only 50.

Professionally, I am an author, speaker and entrepreneur who wants to do her part to contribute back to society.  I wish to serve my greatest purpose, live my best life and continue to learn about how my gifts can be exploited to the benefit of others.  It’s what’s always driven me professionally, along with my family and eating of course.  My businesses are about serving people and showing up in a way that adds value to the lives of the clients we serve along with serving the people who make up my team.  I want to provide good jobs with a steady income for the people who work for me.   I desire to provide jobs that give parents the flexibility they need to work, provide and be present for their children.  I want the people who work for me to have jobs that revolve around their lives vs. having their lives be dictated by their jobs.   I want the same for myself and for my family.  For more information about PrinterBees, my online print marketing business, please visit us online.  We print everything you can think of and it would be an honor to serve YOU!

51h101gnjklI’m not motivated by money or big wealth, I am motivated by how I can make a difference during my time here.  My desire for money to come in to my life comes from a space of wanting to make a difference in the lives of others as well as ridding myself of my own financial pressures.  The less financial pressures I have, the more of service I can be is the way I see it.  One can not be of service and be greedy at the same time.  There was a time when I was motivated by money and building wealth, but life schooled me on finances and it’s no longer a motivating factor for me.  There’s a whole chapter dedicated to this in my latest best selling book, The Secrets I Share With My Friends; Life Lessons From an Imperfect Woman!

My writing isn’t about me as much as it is about you and how it connects with you and what’s happening in your life.  Most people aren’t willing to share intimate and vulnerable details about when life is the toughest, I am.  I’ve learned so much as a result of my struggles and I want to help guide you through yours.  I want you to know you will be okay, by sharing that I’m okay in spite of my challenges.  I actually celebrate them!  There are many, there isn’t much I haven’t experienced.  Every story is from the heart and as true and vulnerable as I can be.

The books I write are all about serving and sharing the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

The juicy details of how “I deal” are woven through the pages and posts on this site.  The books are all available on Amazon and I hope you decide to read them.

I’m loving you big time!!!



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