Dare Me

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“Dare Me” came to life after dancing with this canvas for months.  When it finally came around, I fell in love with her.   This painting is available as a t-shirt!  It looks amazing on a shirt. 🙂

16X20X1 wrapped canvas painted with artist grade acrylic paint is sealed to protect it from dust.  All sides are painted black so it can be hung with or without a frame.

This piece is sold as an original and it is the only one of its kind.  1/1

My art features many layers of paint and each canvas takes approximately a month to complete.  Some take several months to complete. I paint what comes to me intuitively allowing the canvas, the paint and whatever I’m using to apply the paint to lead the way.  I use my fingers, my hands, foam brushes, paint brushes, shape makers and anything else I can find to add paint and interesting textures to my art.

The purchase of Nadine J. Larder’s original artwork does not transfer reproduction rights. All reproduction rights remain with the artist, Nadine J. Larder. 

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24 x 36 x 1