Painting Supplies

intuitive-painting-supply-listThe best way to learn what your favorite colors are is to have several to choose from. The best way to have several to choose from is by purchasing a kit. There’s typically huge savings in buying a kit and you can mix primary colors to make other colors. Use your color wheel to help you know what colors to combine to get the color you’re looking for. Learning how to mix colors will unlock much more in your art. Make sure you watch session 1 before you shop for paint and supplies so you know what you’re looking for/at and why you want or need it.

If you have question regarding colors, brands, soft body, liquid… just post them in the Facebook Group. We all happy to help!

Golden is my personal favorite brand of professional artist paints.
These are the colors I currently have in my collection of Golden Acyrlic Paint.

The Fluid Paint Favorites:

You can also use glazing liquid with your heavy body paints to make them more thin and fluid.

Liquitex Heavy Body Paint Colors I Like:

Liquitex Soft Body Favorite colors:

Fluid Paints: These are what I use to drip paint. My favorite brand is both the FW Acrylic liquid paints and the Golden High Flow. The first link that has no image is a great starter set.

Paint Brushes. These sponge brushes are the best ones I have found. They have sturdy tips for stamping and are my favorite brand to paint with.

Canvases – I do not have personal experience with these canvases, it’s just what I found that is reasonably priced with good reveiws.

Stencils are a really fun way to add marks and designs to your canvases. I did a Facebook Live session on stenciling. Search “stencil” in the Facebook Group and you will find it. It was an incredibly fun broadcast and we had a GREAT time. You’ll likely laugh as you watch it.. it’s pretty funny!