My Books

My books are true works of heart to me and I can promise you I’ve poured my heart in to each of them.  They are like children that each take two years to birth.  It’s a process, a journey, it’s therapy and it’s rewarding.  I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.  Most of the time I feel like they write themselves as I type what comes without filtering the thoughts.  It’s true that sometimes when I read what I’ve just written, I sit back and think “wow, did I seriously just think that thought! Where did that come from?”  Trust me, sometimes I’m as astonished as anyone and that’s how I know my writing comes from a higher, more conscious part of myself, that sometimes I’m unconscious of.  My spirit, the part of me that connects me to God (my experience of a higher power…it might be something different for you.).

I’ve included chapters from my books to give you an idea of their subject matters and to see if they might be a fit for you.  You’ll likely notice that my writing style is pretty much as I write here.  Conversational, light and fun…please.

Oh…and just so you know…you’re loved…by me!  I’m loving you big time!