Creating Mixed Media Journal Backgrounds

One of the things I love doing is creating a bunch of backgrounds in my journal at once.  The backgrounds are filled with complete freedom to play with all of my supplies at once. And, more importantly, they require no perfectionism (one of the things I need to work on letting go of) because it’s most likely going to be covered up by whatever art I add after the background is complete.   It’s one of the reasons I love creating backgrounds so much.  There’s nothing like making a big mess in my studio when I pull out all of the art supplies and begin experimenting with them.  I encourage you to have fun! Experiment!  Play and mix to see what will happen.  It’s so fun!

I hope these quick tutorials give you some ideas on how to create backgrounds in your own journal that you can then create on top of.  For me, it sets the tone for the page and offers a complete freedom of expression. What is better than that!

This video provides a full tutorial on how to create your own journals like the one you’ll see me working in, in these videos.  I love working in these!

Soft Pastels Mixed Media Journaling Background

Red and Gold Acrylic Journaling Background

Ripped Paper Journaling Background

Yellow Mixed Media Journaling Background

Journaling Background Using Sprays and Inks