The Art Bundle For Good Is Here!!!

The Art Bundle For good is here and available for the next five days!  Don’t miss out your ability to get more than $4,000 in art various art courses for just $97!  In this video, I explain how it works, why it’s such a great deal and how the sales go to help the Courageous … Read more

I hope you enjoy this time-lapse of “Party Girl!”

I’ve really enjoyed creating time-lapse videos of my latest work.  I hope you enjoy! This is “Party Girl,” and she’s available for reprint at Fine Art America, where she can be showcased on so many different products! Canvas prints, greeting cards, coffee mugs, travel bags, shower curtains, pillows, duvet covers and more!  Click here to … Read more

Simple Paint Project! Come paint with me!

In this video, I show how to create a fun painting using a book from the thrift store, some gesso, some paint and stencils! It was so fun and anyone can do this simple project. For the full video with sound and directions, visit my Facebook Page… and make sure to like and follow me! … Read more

The Destructive Stories I Told Myself

One of the things that I’ve had to work the hardest at changing about myself is the stories I tell myself.  It’s the stories we tell ourselves that create the life we exist in.  It’s the stories we tell ourselves that limit what we’re capable of achieving, when they’re limiting stories.  If I wanted to … Read more

Grilling? Here’s a quick time saving tip!

I have so many silly little tricks I use around the house that save me time, money and most importantly…dishes…I thought I should share.   Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss my tips. It’s The Secrets I Share With My Friends and I want to share with you. Seriously…the super silly/simple things I … Read more

They’re like the wind

I had the most incredible thing happen this morning.  The timing no accident as I just returned home from an intensive beautiful retreat where my heart and soul were cracked wide open. I can feel things I couldn’t feel before, it’s overwhelming and overtakes me at times. It makes me weep because it’s almost like … Read more

5 Easy Ways To Get More Followers And Friends On Social Media

I think we can all agree that social media isn’t going anywhere.  The power of social media and what it can do for any business continues to be something small business owners need to be paying attention to.  Part of paying attention to social media and making it part of your marketing strategy would include … Read more