Live Your Eulogy

Live your eulogy by living the greatest expression of yourself.  Think about it, the destination is the same, no matter how you decide to take the journey.  If you live your eulogy, your life can never be cut short and therefore there’s nothing to fear. Well…except fear itself.

Making lemonade when life hands you lemons!!!

My son has been having problems with his wrist for the last several days after lifting something heavy at work. He pulled a muscle and finally went to the doctor to have it looked at. Because the injury happened at work, he had to file an incident report before heading off to the doctor. He … Read more

Pepper Spray and Kids…Don’t Mix Well

Nadine Larder Bistro Table

Do not attempt this in your own home…if you do…you’re as stupid as I am! You’re going to love this one. I can’t even believe I’m sharing it with you. Last night around 6:00, we had an unexpected visitor at the front door. A husband and wife (both so ridiculously attractive, I must add) who … Read more

So This Is What Alone Feels Like…

It’s been just a week since my husband and I separated and I’m home alone for the first time since then.  While he was setting up his household, preparing it for our girls, they stayed with me as I slowly put my home back together from all that had been removed as a result of … Read more

Be Careful What You Pray For

I recently switched up my evening prayer routine with a new prayer.  It’s the most simple prayer I’ve ever prayed, the effects were immediate and profound.  I certainly don’t think what I experienced was a coincidence. I was watching OWN as I often do on the weekends and was listening to one of Oprah’s guests … Read more