The Art Bundle For Good Is Here!!!

The Art Bundle For good is here and available for the next five days!  Don’t miss out your ability to get more than $4,000 in art various art courses for just $97!  In this video, I explain how it works, why it’s such a great deal and how the sales go to help the Courageous Kitchen in Bangkok, Thailand.  There’s been over $15,000 dollars raised as a result of Art Bundles For Good over the last two years.

Here’s the link to purchase The Art Bundle for Good!  The link will take you to a page so you can see this tremendous list of courses available.  Less than $1 per art course!  The sale ends November 12th, so don’t wait to get your Art Bundle.

I recorded this video on Facebook Live to explain how it works, there’s also a detailed video when you follow the link from John Bardos, the organizer of Art Bundles For Good.

Happy Arting!!!

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