Being The Light…

I often reflect on what life wants from me and what I’m supposed to be doing with this precious time I’ve been granted while I’m here.  I think about what is expected of me in my business life and more importantly in my personal life.  I ponder how it is I’m supposed to serve others with the gifts that God has granted me.

It was about 4 or 5 years ago I realized I had a light that was bright enough to shine on others.  I realized that when I allow my light to shine as bright as it can, that I encourage, inspire and give permission to others to let their lights shine as bright as possible too.  I realized that I have gifts, ones that are unique only to me that are meant to be shared.  I understood that we ALL have gifts that are meant to be shared with and in service to others.  The gifts that only you or I can bring because they are 100% unique to us.

It’s easy to have your gifts go unnoticed by YOU because it’s part of who you are just like the color of your eyes or hair.  For you, it’s just “the norm,” but for those who experience what is so unique about you, it touches them in ways only your gifts can.  Are you an incredible cook like my friend Martha who insisted to me yesterday that she has no creativity?!?! What?! Her food is amazing and that takes creativity!  To feed someone is to give them life.  You can taste her love for cooking.  It’s delicious.  Are you like my friend Janette who is a whiz with automation software and creating systems for small businesses?  Her work makes it possible for small businesses to grow and expand.  She’s like a mad scientist when she gets to work and she creates magic when she’s in the zone.

What’s your gift?  Don’t be shy, shout it out to the world, shine your light on others, generously gift the world with whatever is unique about you.  What if thought leaders like Wayne Dyer or Deepak Chopra kept their gifts to themselves?  What if Steve Jobs didn’t share what he was gifted with?  What if Elizabeth Gilbert didn’t write books like Eat, Pray, Love or Big Magic?  My life would be very different if I’d never come across Oprah with her gifts to the world of sharing what’s she’s shared all these years.

I was gifted with the ability to inspire and teach people.  I was gifted with a light that was meant to shine brightly on others.  I’ve been told I’m a great story teller, which has helped me write two books meant to help people live better lives.  I have the ability to share where I’ve totally messed up in life without shame or guilt for my mistakes.  To take the lesson and pass it along to someone else.

The card that inspired me today.

I hope you’ll boldly share your gifts with me in the comments below.  I genuinely want to hear what they are, I want to see you own them and then exploit them in service of others. If you want to be incredibly bold, you could do a Facebook Live chat about your gifts and tag me so I can have a listen!  Would love to hear from you… the you that’s not like anyone else on this planet…the you that only you can be.  Be a miracle worker in someone else’s life by showing up as only you can.

So much love to you and as many blessings as your life could possibly handle,


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