Periscope Secrets I Share With My Friends – What you need to know

Periscope is the latest and greatest social media broadcasting tool taking social media by storm and it’s an amazing tool for small businesses.

Here’s what you need to know to get yourself started on Periscope.

Your Bio:

  • Make sure that you have uploaded an image and don’t have an egg as your bio photo.  No one is going to follow an egg!
  • Make sure you have a bio.
  • Your bio should include keywords related to who you want to attract and how you can help.  Maybe what you scope about.
  • Have consistency in your social media channels.  Same headshot/logo throughout.  People are visual.

Promote your scopes!

  • 30 minutes before you’re about to go live on Periscope, post out to social media that you’re about to go live.  Don’t use the time because people are tuning in from all over the world and the time zones are different.
  • Make sure that you post to ALL of your social media channels.
  • Once your Periscope wraps up, share it out again to all of your social media channels.

Before you hit broadcast:

  • Your title matters! (Check the resources page for tricks on how to generate a great title)
  • Your  phone needs to be in portrait mode.  You can’t scope in landscape (currently)
  • Location services turned on will show people where you’re located.  It will improve the number of viewers you get, but consider safety issues.
  • Get yourself organized, it will help you to be less nervous.Make sure you have the Twitter icon on so that a tweet goes out to everyone following youLeave comments on so people can talk to you.

Introduce yourself:

  • Create a quick “elevator speech” to describe who you are, what you do and how you serve
  • Be prepared to repeat this a couple of times throughout the broadcast

Remind people to invite others to join you:

  • Remind your viewers to share your broadcast out to their friends.  Swipe up for Android and to the left for Iphone.
  • To make the hearts fly up the screen, tap the screen.  Each tap = 1 heart.  You can give up to 500 hearts each time to log in to a broadcast.  To give more hearts, leave the broadcast and come back in.

Use Hashtags:

  • Many people watch Periscope from the web.  They see your scope announced on Twitter and view it from the Internet, vs on Periscope.
  • Using hashtags helps the people who follow your hashtags find you. Your live viewers will increase with the right hashtags.
  • Only include 2 hashtags to avoid spamming Twitter


  • Ignore tolls and block them.
  • Block trolls by clicking on their comment, once their profile shows up, you can click on block.


  • The only way you’re going to get good at scoping is by practicing alot.  The more you scope, the better you get at it.


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