The Tree of Visibility – Sparkle In Your Visibility

What would happen in your life if you agreed to show up and be visible for 100 days?  What would happen if you didn’t allow yourself to hide in the shadows of your own greatness? If you challenged yourself to show up and shine where you would typically hide?  What kind of impact would doing that have on your life AND the lives of the people around you?  

I had no idea that when I joined the 100 Days Of Visibility challenge (#100DaysOfVisibility) it would one, be so difficult, and two, force me to come out of the shadows and show myself …where I didn’t even think I lived.  I don’t exactly have a small personality.  I consider myself and open book, willing to share whatever anyone wants to know.  Just ask, and I’ll answer, as long as it isn’t someone else’s story, gossip or something not appropriate to share.  

Here’s the problem!  People don’t know I’m an open book and willing to share the gory details of my life’s challenges as a way to help, connect and inspire if I never show up as an open book in that regard. How are others supposed to know what’s going on in my mind, what I feel my life’s work is if I keep it to myself by remaining silent instead of sparkling and shining bright like I’m capable of…when I’m not hiding.  I can’t help but ask myself what I might be able to contribute to others in their journey if I show up as my full “shiny” self.  Is keeping myself a secret helping anyone, including me?  

This painting that I created as a budding “artist” (I use that term extremely lightly) of only about six weeks was born at the beginning of this visibility challenge. It took on a life of its own once I posted it on my social media outlets with this story of the bullshit stories I sometimes tell myself to sabotage me in shining in my own greatness. The story spoke to others in the way they hide in their stories of remaining invisible where they could be shining brightly.  So many stories of people feeling inspired by this tree, the way it glows, sparkles, illuminates and what it symbolizes to the people who have told me these things have moved me to tears more than once since posting it.  

Pssst….I swear I’m not patting myself on the back, I’m totally stunned to tell you the truth.  I posted the painting as part of my challenge to be visible.  My hand was trembling when I clicked on “post” due to my fear of rejection.  My fear of judgement and naysayers.  

I’ve had so many offers to purchase this painting because of what it symbolizes (especially to the people doing the 100 day challenge) I’m shocked, stunned and overwhelmed!  The outpouring of love towards this tree and the many comments about how it sparkles, illuminates, glows and inspires made me want to make it available to anyone who wants to be and feel inspired to sparkle, shine and illuminate in their visibility. 

The painting is called The Tree Of Visibility and its message is to help you to remember to shine bright  in the greatest expression of yourself.  Your gifts, your talents, your contrubution, we’re all in this together and I want to know and experience all of you, not just the parts you’re willing to share on social media or outside your front door. I’m talking about the part of you that you hide because you’re afraid to be visible. 

Shine bright in your visibility!  Let me know if you are interested in purchasing a copy of this print. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.  I’m researching how to get it scanned and reprinted now and will let you know as soon as I have the details.  



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