Watch your language! What you say can come back to haunt you.

I was just watching a powerful coaching video posted by Jason Goldberg, who I have had the great pleasure of coaching with and had to share one of his points. It’s life altering when you get it and live it.  The more and more clear I become on this one thing, the better the quality of my life.  The more I’m able to live it, the happier I feel as I go through life, enjoying each and every moment.  This was his point:

“The language you use to speak your world, creates your world”

“The language you use to speak your world, creates your world

“The language you use to speak your world, creates your world”

Sometimes if I read something three times, I get the gravity of what I’m reading on the third time…thought I’d see if that worked with you too!  LOL

The words you use throughout the day to speak about your world and how you exist in it, create the world you live in.  When you spend your time talking about all the bad stuff that’s happening in your life, that’s what you’re focused on, so that’s what’s going to keep showing up.  When all you can see is where things are falling apart or falling short, it’s because that’s what you’re focused on seeing.  When you spend your time focused on all that is good in your life and look at all the ways in which you are blessed, more of that will show up, because that’s what you’re focused on.  You will always find what you’re looking for.

If you consistently tell yourself the story that you are not good with money, you will live up to that story every single time, every single day and in every single situation where money is the subject.  It’s the story of you, the one you told yourself and you will keep living that story for as long as you keep telling it to yourself.  If you were to tell yourself a different story about how you manage money, you would begin to notice a shift in how you manage money because your words and your stories create the world you live in.

I was diagnosed in fibromyalgia in 2000 and I live in constant discomfort as a result, but I don’t focus on it, so it doesn’t bother me as much as it could.  If you knew me personally and saw me day in and day out, you’d never know I had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia unless I told you because I don’t allow it to control me, I am in control of it.  I’ve never spent a day in bed because of it, I don’t take medication for it and it doesn’t run my life.  It slows me down sometimes, I have bad days and the evenings are when I find it most unbearable, but I’ve learned to work with it instead of fighting it by telling myself the right kind of stories about it.  It creates a different world for me to exist in that’s much better (I assume) than living the story (the words) that I’m miserable day in and day out.  Having compared stories with others who have the same diagnosis, I experience the same symptoms they experience, I just experience it differently based on the story and the truth I’ve given myself to live.   There’s been times when I’ve had a Charlie Horse for four days straight, no relief.  And, trust me when I tell you that it wears on you mentally just as much as it does physically.  It’s awful but here’s how I choose to LIVE with fibromyalgia:

  • I don’t like to acknowledge that I was given the diagnosis for I feel that acknowledging it gives it life in my body.  I talk about it in hopes of helping and serving others or when I feel I want to explain my inability to participate in something.  My family hears about it when they wonder why I’m limping or walking funny, I feel the need to rest or when I’m so uncomfortable I want to jump out of my own skin!
  • I don’t say the words “my fibromyalgia” as I want no ownership of it in my mind.  It’s not mine, it just is.  I say “the fibromyalgia” so that it’s separate from me and free to leave anytime.  I do the same with “the asthma” that I experience in my lungs.  It’s not mine, it just is.
  • I remind myself frequently that I’m in charge of it and how it impacts my life, not the other way around.
  • I get a massage with a massage therapist once a week to help with discomfort and to care for myself.  It’s painful, but so relieving at the same time.
  • I eliminated dairy and red meat from my diet, which helped tremendously.  It’s my understanding that meat and dairy are high in acid, which causes inflammation, which inflames the fribromyalgia.   My massage therapist noticed a significant difference in my muscle tightness following the change in my diet.
  • I don’t read or study up on it, so I won’t know what I “should” be feeling or experiencing.  No thanks!  Can you imagine the impact of actually looking for symptoms because you know what they’re supposed to be?  Are you kidding me!  No way. I stay clear of all that.  I’m open to information on healing and only healing.
  • I practice meditation regularly, I believe it helps with the stress that leads to the symptoms being more prevalent.
  • I keep good sleep hygiene even though insomnia is something I experience daily.

This is just one area that I’ve focused on in my own life to help myself have an amazing existence, even with the things that ail me.  I still have stories that need a new ending or a new truth and when those stories creep in, I quickly write myself a new ending and a new truth.  It’s my story, it’s my existence and I choose for it to be a beautiful one.   I have the power to create a truth that feels good and feeds my soul vs. starving and punishing it for no particular reason other than to make my world miserable to live in.  I get to create stories and use words to tell my story that warm my own heart and create a good world for ME to live in.  Anything else seems senseless to me.

Psssst….In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had multiple things break down which resulted in about $1,000 of unexpected repair expenses.  Ouch!  There was a time when this would have upset me and had me spinning in stories of doom and gloom.  I would have experienced anxiety and stress, not to mention choosing to live in the space of scarcity and never enough to go around.  There was a time when I would have shared to as many people who would have listened to me, my story of bad luck.  That’s not me anymore.  My new story when things like this happen is to feel blessed that I have the means to fix the things that break.  I experience such gratitude in all that comes my way because of the way I frame the story of the experience.

What are some of the stories you have that need a new truth?  How can I help you find a new ending?  Post your life limiting thought/words below and I will see what I can do to help you find something new to believe.  It won’t just be helping you, it will help anyone else who has the same thought, but fears sharing it.  I hope you can find whatever bravery and courage you need to share so I can help.  I understand how difficult being vulnerable can be.


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