The website crashed and I’m celebrating!!!

Now you may be thinking I’m a little nuts for being excited that my website crashed, but I’m just thrilled!  The site crashed due to too much traffic and when you consider I built this website as a way to be of service, help and connect with people…I’m singing The Hallelujah Song!

This website, filled with The Secrets I Share With My Friends is dedicated to helping people get over themselves, connect with themselves, love themselves and live the greatest expression of themselves. What could be better than more traffic than what the site can handle!  So excited! 🎉🎊🎉🎊

You too can choose to feel excited about the things you typically find challenging with a simple shift in your thinking. It works like this…I can choose to feel stressed and upset over the people who got an error message when they tried to visit the site this weekend and weren’t able to or I can choose to celebrate those that were able to visit the site this weekend. It is 100% my choice just like its 100% your choice to be happy, mad or sad about the situations you find yourself in.

Let me give you another example of my failed attempt at a dinner party this weekend. I had a small dinner party this weekend that only one person showed up for. 😢 I was expecting another couple and had spent the entire day preparing for my guests. I busted my “arse” shopping and working around the house getting things ready for the party, all day. It was my first one since moving in to my new house as well as since my husband and I separated. I was really excited to be having company.  We waited dinner for the couple who “no showed” for an hour and finally decided that they must not be coming. I never heard from them. Now, I could have sulked and felt upset, but that’s not how I role. Why would I do that to myself?  Why would you do that to yourself, if that’s your typical reaction? 

I saw it like this. I have no idea what’s going on in the lives of others and what may have come up or not come up. It really doesn’t matter honestly, it’s not my business. Don’t get me wrong about being disappointed, I was. But, the guest that was here deserved my same happy spirit no matter who else was or wasn’t here. Being happy about the person who did show is what felt right and we had a great time. We wouldn’t have had as nice of a time if I was consumed by who didn’t show vs. who did. Easy paradigm shift that made for a totally different evening than it could have been.

I also chose to look at it like this. I got an opportunity to get my house all pretty for company and the house looks great!  It feels so good for me to have my home looking “dinner-party” ready.  I’m the one living here and I deserve a pretty home to enjoy, company or no company. I got some shopping done I hadn’t gotten to AND we had lots of leftovers so I won’t have to do a lot of cooking this week. There are so many benefits that it’s easy to make difficult for myself to feel anything but gratitude.

The same gratitude I have for my website crashing. Thanks for being a part of what crashed my site!!!  I have sincere gratitude for you and hope this site serves you in any way that it can.

Change your thinking…change your own life experience. 

Let me know if there’s something that will make the site even more valuable for you and what I can do to inspire you to live your best life.

Much love and many blessings.


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