Change your outlook, change your outcome…

Today when I was reading my newsfeed on Facebook, I was excited to see that Iyanla Vanzant has an event coming up. The first thing I looked at was the location, I was hoping for Phoenix, but no such luck. Darn it! Her event is Maryland, the cost to attend is $1,200.  I’m sure it’s worth every penny and then some with the power she packs to help you look at yourself and what’s standing in your way. She’s an amazing woman who is committed to her ministry. I have tremendous admiration and respect for her and her work.

There was a lot of people excited about the event based on all the comments to the post. While there was a lot of excitement, there were also those who complained about the cost to attend, which I found odd. Not only was there a lot of complaints about the cost to attend, there were many who wanted Iyanla to give them free tickets. They expected it because of where they live, where they are in life, their economic condition, growing up in the inner city, etc. There were many different reasons given and with each request was the story of why they couldn’t afford it and why tickets should provided at no charge, one story after another.

As I read the stories I couldn’t help myself from wondering why people have such limiting beliefs for themselves. Why they are so sure there is no way under the sun they could ever get that kind of money together to attend the event. This is the United States of America, where anything and everything is possible. I understand it’s a lot. It is, but what’s more important, the cost of admission or the return on investment in what an event like that could do for each and every person who attends and commits to making changes.

If your child or the person you love most in the world was on life-support and you needed $1,200 to save them, you would find a way to make the money appear. Attending Iyanla’s event is no different, especially if life is tough at the moment and it needs “saving.” When it’s important enough to us, we figure out a way to make it happen. When we figure out a way to make things happen in our lives, it raises us up, taking us up a notch…to ourselves and the way we see ourselves. The feeling of accomplishment is a good one!

How much value is taken from an event where the ticket was “comped,” vs. the value and importance of an event for which you had to scrimp together every little penny you could find to be there? What does it do to the level of commitment for any of us when we put our money where our desires and dreams live and breath within us? Just in case you aren’t sure…it raises the level of commitment and what you do with the take aways from an event like that when you’re financially and spiritually committed. Cold hard cash that you worked your ass off to earn to pay for your ticket has far more value than any ticket given to you.

My own personal goal is work with The Ultimate Coach, his name is Steve Hardison and he charges extreme amounts of money to work with him.  You can see for yourself on his website,  The money that people invest in themselves to work with him is a true tell of their commitment to change and grow.  The people who desperately want to be at the event that Iyanla Vanzant is putting on because they want change in their lives will do whatever it takes to be there.  The harder they work, the more they sacrifice, the greater the commitment it will bring out which will likely result in a much bigger impact in their lives.

The big question is…what are you willing to do to invest in yourself?  I’m committed to working with Steve Hardison to reach the greatest expression of myself and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen if it’s that important to me.  The proof is in the pudding.

Be blessed and know that I’m sending love your way.  Live your greatest life by showing up big in your own life.

I’m loving you…big time!

Psssst…I’m also wishing Iyanla great success with her event. I hope she makes a boatload of money because I feel confident that whatever comes her way she “does good with it.”  She’s an amazing woman with a beautiful spirit who has done her time and deserves nothing but the best in her ministry to serve and heal the world. Go Iyanla, go!

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