You Get From This Life What You’re courageous Enough To Put In…

I’m a firm believer that you can see what someone is committed to by their actions and what they’re willing to do to get where they’re headed. People who want to sit back and “wish” something better in to existence for themselves are living in a fantasy land. Pardon my candor…but in this day and age who has time or days to waste remaining in the “land of fantasy?”

The people who have amazing things happening in their lives are the ones who have the courage to fail.  The people who are making it are the ones who have the courage to try, knowing they may fail. The people you see making a difference in the world are the ones willing to put themselves out there, and that takes tremendous courage in some cases.

If you want it, be willing to work for it…have the courage to do whatever it takes because it means that much to you.

Live your purpose and live it large! 

Live courageously. Be blessed and know that I’m loving you!  Big time!

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