Making lemonade when life hands you lemons!!!

My son has been having problems with his wrist for the last several days after lifting something heavy at work. He pulled a muscle and finally went to the doctor to have it looked at. Because the injury happened at work, he had to file an incident report before heading off to the doctor. He could have used our regular medical insurance, but they would have asked him if it was work related too. If he lied about it and the insurance company found out, they could and would deny the claim. It’s a pickle if one is concerned about loosing a job or making a manager angry.

His visit to the doctor resulted in the doctor telling him he can’t lift anything at work which lead to his boss telling him that he can’t come into work. Boy oh boy was he mad!

My son has a great work ethic and isn’t one to sit around doing nothing. He certainly didn’t head to the doctor as a reason to get out of work, he was looking for relief because he was in so much pain and it wasn’t improving after a week.  I don’t think he even considered that the doctor may not allow him to work.  All he could see was that life was handing him lemons and more lemons.  He certainly wasn’t in a space to hear about “mom’s recipe for making lemonade.”  Sweet, tasty, perfectly tangy lemonade.  The kind that tastes like…MORE!  He was having none of it when I stopped by his room, but as I walked away to keep from irritating him more, I said “It’s your choice on how you react to this situation.  You can choose to be mad and pissed off or you can choose to see it as an opportunity to have a few days off in a row.”  I reminded him that he never gets several days off in a row and that he could use this as an opportunity instead of sitting around angry.  The last thing I said was “you could use this opportunity to go to California and see your father, that you haven’t seen in six months!” It’s a long hall way out of his room, thank goodness…I had lots to share. 😉

It was about an hour later that my son showed up to beg me to borrow my car to head to California.  He felt it would be more reliable than his car and I agreed, so I let him.  He’s currently in California having the time of his life with the people he loves most and sees the least.  As luck would have it, his two best friends that live here in Arizona had left on vacation to Hollywood the day prior to his doctors appointment.  My son stopped in Hollywood on the way to the Bay Area and enjoyed the benefits of being 21 and single with no real responsibilities other than caring for himself.  He and his two friends had a great time and my son doesn’t do that enough. That work ethic of his keeps him from having fun sometimes and it’s nice to see him having balance in this life.  It’s great to see my 21 year old son enjoy being 21, while he still can.  Before he knows it that part of his life will be behind him and enjoying it while it’s here is the greatest gift he can give himself.

That is what I call making perfectly delicious and wonderful lemonade from lemons.

I’m loving you…big time!


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