I use Lead Pages to create landing pages quickly! You can easily collect email addresses and begin building your list with Lead Pages. You don’t even need a website to get started. We love this product because it makes it easy for us to launch landing pages very specific to the client/lead we want to attract.  It’s a no brainer for creating landing pages and collecting leads.

We are die hard Infusionsoft fans and there’s a reason for it. The proof is in the pudding. Infusionsoft helped us grow our list from 1166 contacts to over 20,000! This has resulted in an over 500% increase in business and an over 4,000% return on investment for PrinterBees. There is no product on the market that I’m aware of that helps you collect, manage, sort and work your database like what Infusionsoft offers. Raving fan!!!!

I love Buffer!  This is how we get the word out to ALL of our social media channels at once.  One click get our message out.  You can schedule your posts, reschedule them based on popularity and engagement.  There’s analytics to help you see what’s working and what’s not.  It’s an amazing tool to help with distributing content on social media and a huge time saver.


Title Generating Sites:
Blog About –
Portent’s Content Idea Generator –
Blog Title Generator –

Hashtag Ideas – enter your subject and Hashtagify gives you the best combination of hashtags to use to attract that audience.  Don’t use more than two per tweet.  If you want to experiment with different hashtags and titles, post the same content with different hashtags and titles to see what works best for your audience.  Buffer gives you analytics to track clicks and interaction to see what working best.  You can also retweet and repost what works best right from Buffer.  They make it super easy.



*Some of the links on this page are affiliate links and some aren’t.  I don’t recommend based on affiliate links, I recommend based on what I have experienced, use and like.  I have affiliate links because I may as well get paid for sending people their way.  They have budget for it and I’m all too happy to add to my income streams.  I don’t recommend for the money, it’s just a nice added benefit for doing so. Swear!