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Learn everything you need to know about how to create beautiful art by simply following your intuition and what feels good and right to you in that moment.  No painting, drawing or creative experience needed. 

The course is self-paced and you have a year to complete it.   It includes 5+ hours of video instruction covered over 8 sessions that starts at the supplies needed and why along with everything you need to know to take a canvas from start to completion intuitively.   You will have access to the private Facebook Group reserved exclusively for class members, which will include Facebook Live Q & A sessions with Nadine to ensure your complete understanding of this painting process.

This style of painting is completely different than any other style of painting in how it impacts the heart and soul of those who practice it.  It mirrors life in so many ways and the opportunities for meditation, growth and connecting with “the self” are endless.  One of the gifts in this style of painting is how it keeps you in the present moment and helps you to tune in to your own thoughts and intuition.  The fact that the painting unfolds and becomes what it will be as part of the process teaches lessons on how to let go of being committed to an outcome.  Imagine how not having an expectation of an outcome allows you to enjoy and tune in to the journey.  Imagine creating art that’s all about you and your journey.  Then consider how practicing not having commitment to an outcome could impact your life in the grand scheme of things.  The opportunities for growth are limitless and I want to share what I’ve learned on this journey of self discovery with you.  Truly amazing.  Life changing.

At the end of a year, you can renew your subscription at a deeply discounted rate to continue to access all of the resources on the site as well as the group on Facebook.

It would be an absolute honor to have you on this magical journey with me of exploring your artistic expression.  A journey that has the possibility to wake up so much more than what you see on the canvas.  So exciting!

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