The Destructive Stories I Told Myself

One of the things that I’ve had to work the hardest at changing about myself is the stories I tell myself.  It’s the stories we tell ourselves that create the life we exist in.  It’s the stories we tell ourselves that limit what we’re capable of achieving, when they’re limiting stories.  If I wanted to … Read more

Grilling? Here’s a quick time saving tip!

I have so many silly little tricks I use around the house that save me time, money and most importantly…dishes…I thought I should share.   Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss my tips. It’s The Secrets I Share With My Friends and I want to share with you. Seriously…the super silly/simple things I … Read more

It’s not everyday you win a trip to Fiji!! What!?!?

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the note on my Instagram post from the Tony Robbins I Am Not Your Guru Premier Party I hosted saying “Please contact me asap, I work for Tony Robbins.”  I had a hunch as why he was contacting me immediately! To confirm my suspicions I … Read more

They’re like the wind

I had the most incredible thing happen this morning.  The timing no accident as I just returned home from an intensive beautiful retreat where my heart and soul were cracked wide open. I can feel things I couldn’t feel before, it’s overwhelming and overtakes me at times. It makes me weep because it’s almost like … Read more

FACT: Small Businesses NEED Marketing To Make It

When I founded PrinterBees, I had one thing in mind.  I wanted to help my friends who were are suffering (like myself) at the hands of a terrible recession get their marketing out.  I know to the core of my soul that small businesses need marketing to make it. If no one is aware of … Read more

5 Easy Ways To Get More Followers And Friends On Social Media

I think we can all agree that social media isn’t going anywhere.  The power of social media and what it can do for any business continues to be something small business owners need to be paying attention to.  Part of paying attention to social media and making it part of your marketing strategy would include … Read more

Periscope Secrets I Share With My Friends – What you need to know

Periscope is the latest and greatest social media broadcasting tool taking social media by storm and it’s an amazing tool for small businesses. Here’s what you need to know to get yourself started on Periscope. Your Bio: Make sure that you have uploaded an image and don’t have an egg as your bio photo.  No … Read more

Visibility Stings Again! Getting Naked…Can You Relate?

More life lessons learned as I challenge myself to be visible for 100 days! 15 days ago I agreed to be part of a challenge called 100 Days Of Visibility.  The challenge is to be visible instead of hiding, which may not seem all that difficult…until you have to actually do it!  As you’ll hear … Read more

10,000,000 reasons why you need to be on Periscope

If you haven’t jumped in yet, now is the time or you’re going to be late to the party!  The party happening on Periscope where there are now more than 10,000,000 people registered in just over four months.  Periscope was launched on March 26th of this year and it’s taking social media by storm. Please … Read more

The Bullshit Stories I Tell Myself

I don’t draw and I don’t paint because I can’t draw… I’m not good at that! This is a story I’ve told myself since my childhood. I’m not sure where the STORY came from, but I’m learning it was a big FAT lie! One I told myself!  I spent the last 49 years not drawing … Read more