Pepper Spray and Kids…Don’t Mix Well

Nadine Larder Bistro Table

Do not attempt this in your own home…if you do…you’re as stupid as I am! You’re going to love this one. I can’t even believe I’m sharing it with you. Last night around 6:00, we had an unexpected visitor at the front door. A husband and wife (both so ridiculously attractive, I must add) who … Read more

Feeling Off…The Challenges Of Separating…

My husband asked me earlier in the week if I could take the kids early so he could go and party with one of his friends. Keeping in the spirit of being cooperative, I agreed to take the kids. I figure there will be a time when the roles will be reversed and if I … Read more

So This Is What Alone Feels Like…

It’s been just a week since my husband and I separated and I’m home alone for the first time since then.  While he was setting up his household, preparing it for our girls, they stayed with me as I slowly put my home back together from all that had been removed as a result of … Read more

Be Careful What You Pray For

I recently switched up my evening prayer routine with a new prayer.  It’s the most simple prayer I’ve ever prayed, the effects were immediate and profound.  I certainly don’t think what I experienced was a coincidence. I was watching OWN as I often do on the weekends and was listening to one of Oprah’s guests … Read more