International Paint Party S 1 EP 2

Being The Light…

I often reflect on what life wants from me and what I’m supposed to be doing with this precious time I’ve been granted while I’m here.  I think about what is expected of me in my business life and more importantly in my personal life.  I ponder how it is I’m supposed to serve others … Read more

International Paint Party S1 EP1

The Destructive Stories I Told Myself

One of the things that I’ve had to work the hardest at changing about myself is the stories I tell myself.  It’s the stories we tell ourselves that create the life we exist in.  It’s the stories we tell ourselves that limit what we’re capable of achieving, when they’re limiting stories.  If I wanted to … Read more

10 Minutes A Day Is All You Need…

It seems lately I keep stumbling on challenges on Facebook that invite me to challenge myself to do the things I know I need to be doing, but don’t choose to make time for.  Yesterday I accepted a challenge to write for 10 minutes every day and here I am.  ( I hope I don’t … Read more

Grilling? Here’s a quick time saving tip!

I have so many silly little tricks I use around the house that save me time, money and most importantly…dishes…I thought I should share.   Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss my tips. It’s The Secrets I Share With My Friends and I want to share with you. Seriously…the super silly/simple things I … Read more

It’s not everyday you win a trip to Fiji!! What!?!?

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the note on my Instagram post from the Tony Robbins I Am Not Your Guru Premier Party I hosted saying “Please contact me asap, I work for Tony Robbins.”  I had a hunch as why he was contacting me immediately! To confirm my suspicions I … Read more

I love what I have learned through marriage…Sometimes…

It’s one of the affirmations I read to myself as a way to help me remember and appreciate the value of being married and having a life partner.  “I love what I have learned through marriage…I love what I have learned through marriage…” you get the idea.  Sometimes I believe the words more than others, … Read more

They’re like the wind

I had the most incredible thing happen this morning.  The timing no accident as I just returned home from an intensive beautiful retreat where my heart and soul were cracked wide open. I can feel things I couldn’t feel before, it’s overwhelming and overtakes me at times. It makes me weep because it’s almost like … Read more